Ap 2

Apartment 2
  • Section: 1
  • Floor: 1
  • Number: 2
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms / WC: 1
  • Location: Park, Seaside
  • Type: Apartment
  • Area: 59 m2
  • Status: Sold
  • Price: Contact us
  • 0 BGN 1 EUR = 1.9558 BGN

    0 RUB 1 EUR = RUB



  • The structure is solid, reinforced concrete
  • The roof is a reinforced concrete slab /thermo insulated and waterproofing/ pitched, timber frame, cladding, waterproofing and finished with Greek red tiles, seamless gutters and downpipes;
  • The facing of the building has BAUMIT thermal insulation system;
  • The facade is made with a silicone coating. Façade lining of the plinth is of white natural stone;
  • Exterior joinery with PVC in "Golden Oak" color, French type, double opening as per the interior design;
  • Internal joinery - MDF plywood doors and natural oak veneer. Terraces have wooden pergolas at the top.

Stage of completion

The apartments are offered "turnkey". For the convenience of its future clients, the investor offers a choice of colors at finishing works.

Floorings and walls:

Kitchen and entrance hall – Granitogres (fine stoneware tiles), latex;
Living-room and bedroom – laminate, latex;
Bathroom - faience, terracotta tiles; sanitary equipment;
Terrace - Granitogres.

Doors and windows:

Entrance doors – fitted with metal locks;
Inside doors - МDF;
Windows - РVС, double-glazed windows.

Common parts

Vertical communications of the sections are implemented through staircases and hydraulic elevator units/in an emergency they reach the lowest point where doors are opening/;
All floors in the common areas such as entrances and stairs are covered with granite, and the walls with latex.
External common areas - spacious, landscaped garden, modern playground in a secure and safe environment. Outdoor swimming pool with children's section. Lighting and alleys paved with local artificial stone.


Located on the basement level, the underground garage includes 18 parking spaces with an average area of ​​30 square meters, with the possibility of separation.
There is an installation for the removal of harmful exhaust gases.
Doors – automatic sectional door
Floor – grinded concrete pavement
Lighting – fluorescent lamps and motion sensors

Access Control

Security and safety are a priority and there is a 24 hour security guard of the complex. Unauthorized access is restricted.



  • Vertical risers - soundproofing pipes of PVC
  • Internal piping - pipes of PVC


  • internal plumbing is made ​​of polypropylene
  • separate water-meters for bathroom and kitchenette

Electric Wiring

  • Apartment boards with residual-current device
  • Installations for telephone, internet, cable TV

Property Management:


Every owner of an apartment in "Balchik Gardens" complex contrbutes to the OVERALL maintenance of the atmosphere and the look of the complex, paying an annual fee under the Management Contract. The amount of the fee and scope of maintenance of the apartments in "Balchik Gardens" are detailed in the Management Contract, which is mandatory for all property owners in the complex. The essence of this contract management is to ensure that the complex is guarded and will remain comfortable for living while maintaining its aesthetic appearance.

Exact amount of the maintenance fee depends on the size of your property, and the rate at which it is calculated amounts to 12 euro per square meter, VAT included. It is payable once a year for the next calendar year, by December 31 of the current year. It is important to know that the fee for the first year is payable after the day of transfer of your property before a Notary Public and is calculated for the period from the acquisition date till the end of the calendar year. We remind you that you will receive an invoice for the payment.

The amount paid by the owners is subject to adjustment in case of change in the economic situation in the Republic of Bulgaria.


Additional services for owners

The team of "Balchik Gardens" will make you feel calm even when you are away. We know that it's important for you to keep your property in the best appearance and excellent condition, as well as to derive maximum benefit from your investment.

The maintenance of the complex does not cover repairs in apartments, renovation of installations, taxes and other costs associated with the property ownership. According to Bulgarian law, such costs are the responsibility of the apartment owners.

Below you may find brief information about extra paid services that we can offer to you:

  • Regular checks of the status and condition of the plumbing and wiring in the apartment;
  • Repairs on equipment, installations or furniture failures in the apartment.
  • Preparation of the installations for the winter season;
  • Getting the property ready before your arrival /cleaning/;
  • Storing the keys to the property;
  • Payment of bills for electricity, water, Internet, cable TV, security guard and more.
  • Washing, dry cleaning of linen during your stay and when you are away;
  • Cleaning of the apartment on client’s request;
  • Insurance and accounting services;
  • Payment of taxes due;


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