"Balchik Gardens" is a luxury residential gated community located in a natural park, close to the beach and the pedestrian promenade of Balchik. The concept of the complex is a combination of modern style with elements of the authentic architecture, typical of the town of Balchik. The complex includes apartments, suitable for year-round and holiday use, with the possibility of renting at the request of the owners.

The Architectural Park Complex "The Palace", the Botanical Garden and the Manor of the famous Romanian painter Cecilia Cutescu Storck are part of the attractions that can be found in the neighborhood.

"Balchik Gardens" is a joint project of Albena JSC, the largest hotel company in Bulgaria, and Municipality of Balchik, ensuring the security, standard and quality of your investment.

Villas that are available for sale in "Balchik Gardens" complex are six in number, and are situated on a terrace at an average height of 23 meters above sea level and 50 meters from the beach line. The area is adjacent to the Palace and the Botanical Garden. The property has exceptional qualities of location, it is easily accessible through the existing roads, has valuable perennial vegetation and is an attractive place for temporary or permanent residence.

Due to the high and valuable trees there, the roof terraces are places with wonderful views and sunbathing, where you may even place a portable pool.

The four villas are two-storey, with a mirror structure. The area distribution is determined as follows:
First floor – an entrance hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and WC
Second floor – a living room , a kitchen, a terrace and a bathroom and WC
The separation of the premises to be used during daylight time, on the second floor, allow for constant sea view.

The other two villas located in the second row have the following distribution of area:
First floor – an entrance hall, a closet, a bathroom and WC, a dining room, a kitchenette, an adjoining terrace and a living room with a second terrace;  
Second floor - two bedrooms each with adjoining private terrace, two bathrooms and WC;
Third Floor - roof terrace