Balchik is a town in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, situated in the District of Dobrich, near the Town of Varna. It is the second largest town in the region after Dobrich and is an administrative center of the Municipality of Balchik. It is situated on the picturesque Black Sea coast - close to Albena resort and the towns of Varna, Dobrich and Kavarna.

The town of Balchik was built in tiers on the Dobrudja Black Sea coast on several terraces, where the Dobrudja plane descends towards the sea.
It is characterized by relatively higher average annual and seasonal temperatures, shorter periods of snow cover, lower average annual rainfall. The average annual temperature is 12°C. Winter is mild, summer is sunny and warm. Autumn is warmer than spring by about 2 to 5°C.

Balchik has 11 610 inhabitants. The majority of them are young people with high educational level. The town has been a crossroad for millennia to many civilizations and nationalities, which has left a mark on the people of Balchik - their sense of beauty, respect for tradition and at the same time – a feeling for cosmopolitanism. So, the worldly attitude of the local people is closer to the Mediterranean culture.

The town is known for its Botanical Garden and the Palace of Queen Marie. The museums, art gallery and terraced houses are also remarkable.
The summer residence of Queen Marie of Romania was built in harmony with the unique landscape of Balchik. The beauty and romanticism of the Balkans are woven in the silhouette of the buildings and the colorful gardens. The new buildings are constructed after the style of old ones and are also made of local stone.

There are a Byzantine Orthodox chapel, a Roman - Arab bathing constructed, and the patio in a Moresque style.

There is an Ethnographic and Revival Complex in Balchik, and also a school, three churches and a mosque which tourists are also very interested in.

The town of Balchik is the center of many cultural events. Every year various festivals are held there.