Activities on purchasing a property

Activities on purchasing a property

А) Choosing a property

You can easily and comfortably view the apartments in "Balchik Gardens" in "Apartments" section of the main menu. Navigation tab is object-oriented and guides you consistently in your choice. Detailed information will be displayed for the property chosen by you.

The complex offers apartments with different sizes of areas in order to get as close as possible to your idea of comfort and space. All of the apartments have excellent functional layout of the area and ensure their optimal use.

B) Reservation

Once you have made your choice among the properties available on sale, the second step in the buying process is reservation of the particular property for a limited period of time. The reservation will give you a guarantee that the property will be reserved for you and will not be offered for sale within the period of reservation.

Reservation is performed in two steps. The first step is filling out the reservation form or contacting our team at the contact details specified in the site.
After filling out the reservation form, you have to pay a deposit of € 5,000, by which you give a guarantee to us on your serious intent to buy the property. Upon receipt of the deposit, we guarantee that the property you have selected will not be offered to potential buyers for 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the deposit.

After expiration of the 14 day period, if you still want to buy the property, the next step is signing a preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of the selected property.

If you don’t want to buy the property after the expiry of this period, the deposit will not be returned, and the property will be declared again as available for sale.

C) Entering into a preliminary contract

The parties, Seller and Buyer, the property you are buying, the method of its issue, method of payment and the duration in which the two contracting parties undertake to carry out their duties, are detailed in the preliminary contract for purchase and sale of the real property. On the day of signing of the preliminary contract, you will have the right to inspect the documents evidencing the ownership and the seller’s right to sell this property, and the permits available to perform the contract matter.

The payment of an apartment in "Balchik Gardens" complex is performed by the following  deferred payment plan:
1.    50% of the purchase price – on the date of signing the preliminary contract for purchase and sale;
2.    50% of the purchase price - on the date of transfer of ownership, but not later than 1 month after signing the preliminary contract for purchase and sale.

Please be advised that all amounts listed on the site include VAT and you will receive an invoice against any payment stating the amount, basis and date of payment. Before making a money transfer, it is essential that you fill out properly and accurately the payment orders with the requisites needed - your name and number of the property you are buying.

D) Transfer of Possession

It is your decision whether to be personally present at the transfer of ownership before a Notary Public or to authorize a third party to represent you and act on your behalf and for your benefit. If you have chosen to be represented by a third party at the notary transfer of ownership of the property in your name, our advice is to be personally aware of the rights you give to the authorized person, as well as of the correct description of the property subject of the transfer.

We shall inform you of the date and time of the Notary transfer of ownership, and of the documents you should bring, as well as of the amounts of the taxes, notary fees and legal fees due on the date of transfer for drawing up the documents.

We remind you that your passport data will be needed for the transfer of ownership. So, if your personal data entered in the preliminary contract have changed in the meantime, it is necessary to contact us so that your title deed is prepared correctly.

Following the transfer of ownership in your name, you should accept the possession of the property on your part. This means living in and practically use the apartment, as well as holding the keys to it. Transfer of possession is carried out in the apartment, in "Balchik Gardens" complex, with the establishment of a delivery and acceptance protocol, where any remarks in the construction and/or finishing works of the apartment will be specified. In case of any remarks established, we undertake to correct them within a certain time, depending on the case. The purchase and sale process is completed by taking possession of the apartment.

Contract for maintenance and management of "Balchik Gardens" complex will be signed on the same day together with the title deed. You will find detailed information of what is included in the maintenance and of other additional services available to property owners in the complex when you choose property.